Leadership Coaching

Using the F.I.T. Formula for Success discover how to lead and succeed for workplace success

Using the F.I.T. for Success® technique of coaching, encouragement and strategic planning, clients gain tools and confidence to enhance their leadership skills and professional relationships. This effective program draws on Adrean’s proven six-step model for transforming clients work life and career, so it aligns with what they want, and brings greater fulfillment, reward, and increased commitment. Adrean’s coaching program guides clients through self-discovery methods, hands-on learning techniques and specific strategies that enable individuals to figure out how to maximize their power and potential to achieve desired goals.

What’s Included

Note: Program customized for each client.


FIT for Success Books


Customized Group Sessions

Available in person, online, or half or full day seminars


Course Materials

35 page CourseBook
Action Guide
Leadership Styles Assessment


Bonus Materials

Virtual Hire Team Member Process Work
Coach’s Goal Tracking Worksheet
5-Step Process for Handling Team Conflict
20 Questions to Ask in Your Coaching Sessions

Workshops & Presentations

A variety of the programs are SHRM and CE Accredited.
Available in online format.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is #5 on the list of 7 skills employers and managers look for regardless of the job. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to be aware of one’s own emotions and those of others and regulate personal emotions to facilitate effective thinking, action and relationships. Studies have shown that emotional intelligence has a much greater impact on career success than a person’s IQ.

This workshop is designed to enhance individual and team performance to influence outcomes that increase employee engagement, team cohesiveness and workplace productivity. Attendees use key principles and exercises to learn skills that enable success to achieve corporate goals.


Team building is an essential element for business success. During this session attendees use key principles and exercises to develop effective teams, increase engagement and grow professional relationships to achieve corporate/committee goals.


This session provides techniques, skill based approaches and practical examples to understand ways to increase communication skills by implementing key learnings. Attendees of this class will use exercises and case examples to gain skills to successfully communicate in personal and professional settings. Each participant will develop a personal plan for good communication to immediately implement for greater success and productivity.


Executives report that 67% of meetings are failures. It is estimated that $37 billion per year is wasted on unproductive meetings in business settings. This workshop provides solutions to increase participation and results. Topics include: dos and don’ts, facilitator roles and responsibilities, key strategies to manage meeting engagement and leveraging increase participant personalities.


This session provides resources and practical examples to understand ways to resolve conflicts that are disruptive or unproductive for team success. Attendees of this class will use exercises and role-play scenarios to gain skills to successfully navigate through conflict and improve communication within teams. Successful understanding and implementation of key skills will result increase team performance and productivity.


Over the last decades, innovation and creativity have become critical skills for achieving success in our workplaces regardless of the industry. The need for creative problem solving and decision making has arisen as more and more problems require creative insights in order to find suitable solutions.

During this workshop, participants will use the “6 Thinking Hats” process developed by Dr. Edward de Bono. This exercise assists with decision making and problem solving by looking at a situation, process or project through six different perspectives. The “6 Hats” encourages “outside of the box” thinking and provides time and resources to explore new areas for innovative ideas. The results are the development of strategic plans that lead to cost-effective solutions.

This program focuses on understanding the impact of effective customer engagement, the role of the communicator, the fundamentals of service excellence and tools to support customer interactions. Key areas addressed: (1) The importance of customer service engagement (2) Impact on business results (3) Customer loyalty (4) Customer expectations (5) Fundamentals (6) Developing a customer service mindset (7) Soft skill engagement

This workshop concentrates on the aspects of workplace change that are within the participants control to adapt work patterns to more successfully meet the challenges of change. Leaders will be able to effectively target and drive change while also building their own flexibility and capacity to define and meet operational goals and achieve new visions.

Learning Objectives: Take a creative and energetic approach to engaging change; Examine the change model and ways of adapting our attitudes so that we remain positive and productive during times of workplace change; Increase knowledge of how you and others may react to change (awareness, desire, knowledge, ability and reinforcement); Understand communication strategies to inspire change; Create a culture that embraces change.


Multi-generational work environments are commonplace today. In order to bring out the best in each generation, managers will need to adjust their management styles accordingly. This presentation focuses on the different work habits of each generation: Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Gen X and Gen Y workers – and how management can effectively “mesh” those styles for optimum organizational success. Delivery is interactive exercises.

Learning Objectives: Participants will be able to: Understand generational traits, avoid conflict, lead a multi-generational team; understand techniques for engagement and attributes and challenges of each generation.


Leadership is a trait that is developed over time based on specific characteristics and actions. This session provides case studies and strategies for effective leadership. Attendees learn the power of influence, persuasion techniques and practical behaviors that enhance leadership abilities at all levels in an organization. Each participant will identify personal characteristics that determine their brand of leadership and how to implement for greater success as a leader in their professional environment.


Personal branding is an essential tool for career success. Your brand is not what you do but who you are and the values you represent. Because your resume or business card doesn’t tell your whole story, successful branding helps individuals develop a reputation for advancement to create effective and meaningful engagement with business associates and customers. Participants are guided through a series of activities to identify and maintain a strong brand that enhances professional success. This session is beneficial for employees at all levels of a corporation, professionals and entrepreneurs.


To positively influence how employees interact with one another requires effective leadership. It requires defining, modeling and communicating core values. Values set a foundation for the organization’s culture, improves morale, aligns individuals around specific, idealized behaviors and can guide difficult decisions by determining priorities in advance. Our values are the principles that give our lives meaning, guide our decision making and inspire us to act. Highly productive teams know each other’s core values and therefore collaborate and communicate more effectively leading to greater performance and business outcomes.

A workshop on values, by design, is more personal than typical work meetings. The focus is different. And it is important to take time for this kind of focus. Only focusing on tasks, business, and technical issues, isn’t enough if we are to build a great team or organization. We need to take the time to talk together about things like values. The group will complete a team assessment that informs on state of trust, conflict, commitment, accountability and focus on results. Discussion will include the importance and application of team values, the 5 dysfunctions of team and actions for leaders to inspire high functioning behavior as well as diversity and inclusiveness strategies.


The objectives of the  session are to increase awareness of diversity and inclusion, educate participants on initiatives and opportunities, and inspire personal and professional activism. Using personal and business examples incorporating the F.I. T. Model of Success:

  • Enable understanding of the diversity value proposition and how firms may gain competitive advantage through effective diversity practices and strategies.
  • Highlight the bottom-line impact of diversity and the return on investment
  • Address obstacles that prevent D & I initiatives and solutions for success
  • Discover the benefits of workplace relationships and opportunities for personal enhancement.

Using the Strengths Finder results, the group will plot and discuss strengths as individuals and as a team. This exercise will inform of how team can work together and build on other’s strengths for cohesiveness and inclusivity. Discussions will include the managers role in leveraging strengths, leadership styles and defining a cohesive leadership philosophy.

Learning Objectives: Understanding the difference between a leader and a manager; How to effectively influence peers and colleagues; Ability to determine areas of action to inspire team engagement; How to take action to reduce conflict to improve workplace relationships.


Most people understand the importance of goal setting, but approximately 80 percent of people never set goals for themselves. And of the 20 percent of the population that does set goals, roughly 70 percent fail to achieve the goals they have set for themselves. It is well documented that individuals who frame organizational imperatives into goals that are meaningful and personally relevant achieve results more quickly and effectively increase productivity in the workplace. These actions inherently position them for career advancement opportunities. This session offers a new perspective on SMART goals by exploring the latest research regarding motivation and goal setting. Techniques are provided to pinpoint goal benefits, detect obstacles, identify short term actions, manage time stealing activities and prioritize responsibilities to inspire results that maximize performance.

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“A sought after speaker for Leadership Tri-County, the TriCounty Area Chamber of Commerce and organizations throughout the region, Adrean is a passionate and engaging presenter who inspires individuals to be better leaders and consistently provides invaluable tools that should be in everyone’s toolbox for success.”

Jennifer O'Donnell

Chief Marketing & Operations Officer

“At our SHRM Tompkin County meeting, we focused on women in the workplace and provided our members with strategies to build a community of support, maintain mental fitness and enhance reputations. Adrean shared with the group ways to activate G.I.R.L. Power to excel with excitement and achieve full potential. It was a pleasure to have another opportunity to collaborate with my sister friend.”

Delphia Howze

Chief Inclusion Strategy Officer

“Adrean is an active member in Alvernia University’s Women’s Council and on several occasions, I have heard her speak in the community or asked her to speak at our events. Her energy and passion for spreading messages of positivity and professionalism are infectious and genuine. She commands a room with her authentic, and often hilarious, style of presenting which makes her a joy to learn from and listen to. Adrean brings life into any presentation and if you haven’t asked her to speak or heard her present already, you should absolutely make it a priority. “

Ashley Mikulsky

Vice President of Development

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