F.I.T. For Success

Personal, Professional and Leadership Development

Reaching your goals requires an attitude of FEARLESSNESS, INSPIRATION to stay on course, and a mindset for TRANSFORMATION.


Increase confidence to achieve your goals. Discover ways to trust your skills and be more confident in your success.


Discover empowerment tools to maximize your performance and be motivated to pursue your goals.


Change is a challenge but it’s critical to achieve success. Embrace newness for greater career opportunies 

Coaching, Workshops
And Training

Team & Leadership Development and Women in the workplace

Team Building

Team building is an essential element for business success. Learn the how to use my key principles and exercises to develop effective teams, increase engagement and grow professional relationships to achieve corporate/committee goals.

Leadership Development

Effective leaders are coaches that engage, educate and empower others. The way you lead your team is your first step in being able to escape the trap of constant supervision. Using the F.I.T. Formula for Success discover how to lead and coach your dream team.

Women and Leadership

Coaching and training to promote women in the workplace enhances career opportunities that are vital for personal development and greater organizational productivity. Learn about the G.I.R. L. Power program and other gender diversity organizational strategies for your team’s success.



Now is the time to excel toward greater opportunities! Using inspiring stories, personal anecdotes, and engaging scenarios, F.I.T. for Success provides:


Strategies to gain clarity around your vision


Tools to cope effectively with change


Steps to build strong relationships


Solutions to move beyond barriers


Guidance to transform obstacles into opportunities


Encouragement to dream new dreams

About Adrean

Personal Development & Business Leadership Expert

Adrean Turner is an Author, Leadership Coach, Speaker, Professional Development Trainer and Business Consultant. She is the owner of Turner Coaching Training and Consulting, Llc, a nationally certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and leading provider of workforce development and career management strategies and solutions.
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In addition to servicing business and private client accounts through her company, Adrean is a Master Coach with the Muse®, Training Manager for the TriCounty Community Network, Instructor for Chambers of Commerce throughout PA and Adjunct Professor of Business at Alvernia University and former visiting Professor at Widener University



Based on the book F.I.T. For Success

Coach Adrean Turner hosts FIT for Women, where she discusses how women can fear less, be inspired and transform to experience greater life and career fulfillment.

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Success doesn't just happen!

Your Success is dependent upon you!
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“Adrean Turner brought her unique energy to fire up my colleagues at IKEA to develop our personal brands. We left her presentation inspired, engaged, and with an actionable plan for professional development. I would highly recommend Adrean to other organizations looking for an engaging partner to support leadership development.”

Angele Robinson-Gaylord

Senior Executive

“Coach Adrean has been impacting me both personally and professionally since she mentored me during a leadership development program in 2017. She has continued to influence me through her book, “F.I.T. For Success”. Adrean’s approach to leadership development is more introspective than most. She has taught me to seek meaning, and not approval. She focuses on self-health, which many of us neglect. I would highly recommend Adrean and her teachings to anyone who is looking to become a better leader and a more well rounded individual.”

John Kaschak, CPA CGMA CISA

Executive Deputy Secretary

“I heard Adrean speak at the Women’s Business Conference in Chester County , she was a motivating, inspiring, and real and got right down to the nitty gritty! I would highly recommend Adrean for any keynote event, training session etc.. Her message is awesome about tenacity !!”

Laura Kasper

Recruiter, CEO


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