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Adrean Turner is an Author, Leadership Coach, Speaker, Professional Development Trainer and Business Consultant. She is the owner of Turner Coaching Training and Consulting, LLC, a nationally certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and leading provider of workforce development and career management strategies and solutions.


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Adrean’s Story

“If you can’t stop thinking about it, it’s probably worth going after.”

After becoming the first person in her family to earn a college degree, by age 26, Adrean was a married full-time working mother of three small children climbing the corporate ladder. However, as the family grew and her career was excelling, Adrean began to feel that something was missing in her life. She was not satisfied. Adrean remarks that, “Although my personal and professional successes were rewarding, I knew there was more in life that I wanted to do and experience. I knew I had more to give. I’d asked myself, “What is my purpose? Why am I here (on earth)? What legacy do I want to leave for my children?”

“If you are always trying to be normal, you will never know how amazing you can be”. ~Maya Angelou

Adrean embarked on a journey of spiritual renewal and self discovery to answer the questions that were burning in her soul about her life purpose and passions. She wanted to gain more fulfillment in her life while serving and supporting others beyond the corporate walls. And empowered by greater realizations of her potential, Adrean began the journey of retirement from her 23 year corporate career.

“You don’t have to be great to get started but you have to get started to be great! ~ Les Brown

To pursue her dreams of entrepreneurship, believing it was possible to create the life she desired as an entrepreneur, Adrean began teaching in graduate business schools of universities as an adjunct professor and launched an online radio show to propel her new career. Through these opportunities and different experiences of successes and failures, Adrean sought out support for professional growth. This journey led to an introduction to the discipline of coaching. Adrean enrolled in training, earning certifications as a Life Purpose, Life and Career Coach by the Life Purpose Institute in August 2010.

“You can achieve what you believe! Just keep going! ~ Coach Adrean

While working full time in Big Pharma, Adrean focused on growing her coaching practice on nights and weekends. And in January 2016, she founded Turner Coaching Training and Consulting, LLC (TCTC). Through TCTC, LLc, Adrean has coached, trained and mentored more than 25,000 individuals across 3 countries and 8 states accounting for more than 700 different businesses, governments and agencies. She dedicates her time and talents on the Boards for various nonprofit organizations and associations. Adrean has received awards, recognition and features on TV, print and online media. Some highlights of her entrepreneurial journey include:

“Your F.I.T.ness matters! Fear less. Be inspired! Transform and excel! ”

Your past successes and failures have made you who you are and those experiences will fuel an INCREDIBLY REMARKABLE future for success in your life and career if you just KEEP GOING! Adrean’s life mission is to support others to become their best self and live a life of fulfillment because 


Partial List of Clients and Partners

Professional Activities & Awards

In addition to servicing business and private client accounts, Adrean is a Master Coach with the Muse®, Training Manager for the TriCounty Community Network, Instructor for Chambers of Commerce throughout PA and Adjunct Professor of Business at Alvernia University and former visiting Professor at Widener University.

Adrean’s Amazon best-selling book, “F.I.T. for Success: Fearless. Inspired. Transformed for Success”, based on her podcast, provides strategies for personal and professional development. F.I.T. for Success has been accepted into the Library of Congress.

Adrean also produces and hosts the FIT for Women TV show focused on providing tools, information and inspiration for women professionals and leaders.

She is a member of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and serves on board committees for various organizations. As Mrs. Berks County Pennsylvania America 2019, Adrean advocated for the advancement of women in leadership, gender diversity and equal pay for women.

Adrean is the recipient of several awards including the Bernadine Legacy Award. And most recently, she was recognized on the Brainz. Magazine Global 2021 list for entrepreneurial success, achievements, and dedication to helping others.

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“Adrean has worked with our staff to help improve our operational efficiency. She is very effective. Staff were comfortable and enthusiastic about sharing challenges and ideas and thanks to Adrean, the outcomes were positive and achievable. Adrean is an enthusiastic, talented trainer and we hope to work with her again!”

Jacqui Baxter-Rollins

Executive Director

“Adrean and I have worked together on several business projects, and I have found Adrean to be extremely knowledgeable in her career coaching and business development services. Adrean’s style of coaching and training is like having a conversation with your best friend. She makes whatever the subject matter she’s training about fun, engaging, and conversational. You’ll leave her trainings feeling invigorated and refreshed, but most of all with a plan of action towards moving to your next goal. If you’re looking for someone who can help bring excellent results for yourself or your team, Adrean Turner is the person you should be working with. She sees the larger vision and encourages you and your team to step up into greatness.”

Aliya Hammond

Social Media Strategist

“I’ve come to know Adrean over the past few years and have had the opportunity to attend her presentations. Coach Adrean presents with poise, power, and professionalism. She is a dynamic speaker and presenter who engages her audience and propels them into action both during and after her presentations. Coach Adrean provides clear and tangible action steps to ensure wholistic growth, personally and professionally. She is as entertaining as she is informative. Coach Adrean is a “must have” for anyone or any organization seeking to attain higher levels of productivity and success with joy.”

Valerie Jackson

Certified Professional Life Coach

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