Fearless. inspired. transformed.


People are burnt out.
Teams are stressed out.
Leaders & Managers are worn out.

it’s time to get FIT
mentally FIT and performance FIT
so you don’t quit.

The FIT Kit Includes the Amazon best selling book FIT for SUCCESS: Fearless. Inspired. Transformed for Success, face mask, water bottle, journal, a motivational item and the IT’S POSSIBLE Group Coaching Series!

You are only one decision away from a different life. It’s up to you to make your dreams come true.

~ Coach Adrean

It’s Possible
Group Coaching Features:

Includes (2) 60 minute sessions


Your mindset matters. You are one decision away from a completely different life. The way you think determines your actions and outcomes. Learn the power of positive self-talk to get rid of derailing thoughts and demobilizing excuses that impede growth. Visualize your success to empower your career journey.


Everyone gets the same 24 hours to achieve their goals and dreams. It takes 30 days to make a change that could impact the next 30 years of your life. Get access to the top habits of successful people. Identify limiting behaviors that keep you stuck and skills to move forward.


Knowledge is potential. Action is power. The 8% of people that set goals and succeed do three things consistently: plan, prioritize and pivot when necessary. Goal setting is a development tool, compass and empowerment template. Discover how to get more done with results driven planning tools and techniques.

It’s Possible series starts Soon!

  • Increase self-awareness to build healthy relationships
  • Use visioning to create your ideal career 
  • Set goals to achieve objectives with less stress
  • Develop high performance habits that maximize productivity

and EXCEL!


F.I.T. Kit

F.I.T. For Success book is available in digital and paperback

It’s Possible To


Find fulfillment in your career!


Grow, learn and earn your worth!


Empower the team of your dreams!

What’s Included

The FIT Kit Includes the Amazon best selling book FIT for SUCCESS: Fearless. Inspired. Transformed for Success, face mask, water bottle, journal, a motivational item and the IT’S POSSIBLE Group Coaching Series!



Approved By Thousands of Happy Customers

If you want a personal invitation to be your best, you want Coach Adrean. She’s more than a success story or standard keynote storyteller – she’s talented in empowering others to visualize and achieve their version of success.

Ashley J

Thank you for your uplifting talk. Many of us entered feeling skeptical we would get anything out of it, and left feeling hopeful. Folks went back to their desks telling those who did not tend to be sure to catch the next one. It was the first time in a while I felt so positive about this situation and what is next. You have a real gift for communicating intangible concepts.

Beth B

I enjoyed your…pick yourself up and get going attitude. I would recommend colleagues to come out and catch your enthusiasm during their transition period.

Rick R.


About Adrean

Adrean Turner is an Author, Leadership Coach, Speaker and Professional Development Trainer. She is the founder of Turner Coaching Training and Consulting, LLC, a leading provider of workforce development and career management strategies and solutions. Adrean is the recipient of the Bernadine Legacy award from Alvernia University and she is recognized by Brainz. Magazine as a global leader.

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The CV-19 crisis has really impacted our business and personal lives and how we work and connect with one another. Companies can expect greater productivity, performance, engagement, retention and profitability when employees are successful. However, it is a struggle for some remote workers.

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