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Achieve greater Career Fulfillment!

Connect with Adrean today for private Career Coaching to change your career or improve the one you have to gain more fulfillment. Adrean’s technique of coaching, encouragement and strategic planning provides clients with the tools to move from a mediocre outlook of success to a magnificent vision of opportunities and achievement.


This effective program draws on Adrean’s proven Six-step model for transforming your work life and career so it aligns with what you want, and brings greater fulfillment, success and reward. Her coaching program will guide you through rigorous self-discovery methods, hands-on learning techniques and specific strategies that enable you to figure out how to maximize their power and potential to achieve the success you desire. Get support today!

Each program includes 8 forty-five minute sessions and unlimited email and phone support over three to six months.

6-Step Model for Clarity, Results, and Fulfillment

  1. Self-exploration – Get to know you. Who are you and what do you want.
  2. Release – Remove the barriers. Face and replace your key challenges and blocks with attitude and action. Figure out what’s in your way of achieving your goals, what is and isn’t working, what must change, and why.
  3. Uncover your gifts – Define your talents, values and vision for your work life and career.
  4. Discover your passion – Identify the career that completes you.
  5. Investigate – Design a variety of career opportunities to find your fit.
  6. Design – Develop an action plan with S.M.A.R.T. goals to achieve the results you desire.

You’ll also learn vital information for improving your life including:

  • Moving beyond limiting beliefs that hinder your success
  • Critical thinking strategies that increase self-esteem and ambition
  • Keys to strengthening your confidence so you can communicate, manage and lead without fear
  • Strategies for building stronger, healthier and happier relationships
  • And finally, how to create an effective plan to achieve the personal and professional success

Accelerate to Success

  • Save Time and Money – You’ll avoid costly missteps and mistakes, and create the most effective plan possible to reach your goals and transition into greater career success.
  • Support – You’ll receive guidance, encouragement and a partnership based on Adrean’s years of experience coaching and mentoring professionals, professional development training background, her high-level corporate experience in business management and marketing, as well as her expertise in entrepreneurship and organizational development.
  • Accountability – You’ll move faster and more effectively with Adrean challenging you to succeed
  • Network Increase – You’ll become part of Adrean’s support community increasing your connections to influential individuals and organizations

What’s Included

Note: Program customized for each client.


FIT for Success Book


8 Coaching Sessions

  • 45 minutes each available online
  • In-person coaching is available for additional fee

Coaching Support

Up to six months of email and phone support



Based on the book F.I.T. For Success

Coach Adrean Turner hosts FIT for Women, where she discusses how women can fear less, be inspired and transform to experience greater life and career fulfillment.

Watch LIVE every third Friday at 12pm

Success doesn't just happen!

Your Success is dependent upon you!
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“Adrean is a talented and dynamic career coach. Her presentation materials and skills lend themselves to a wide range of client abilities. When Adrean leads a discussion about resume writing, linked in accounts, cover letters or preparing for an interview, her audience is engaged. Adrean is knowledgeable, approachable and friendly. When she speaks, you want to listen and learn from her. I highly recommend hiring Adrean for coaching and job searching assistance. I absolutely, without hesitation, doubt hesitation, would hire Adrian again to assist my students or me. “

Cheryl DiLanzo

HealthCare Education Leader

“Adrean is very passionate about what she does. I believe this passion drives her to naturally exude the qualities of an outstanding Career Coach at all times. She is so vested in what she does that her informal interactions leave everyone wanting more for themselves. Within just weeks of speaking with Adrean on a professional concern of mine I was offered a new position in our nation’s capitol. Mrs. Turner knows how to recognize the positive qualities and drive within a person and build upon their potential. She is very knowledgeable in areas of advancement and exceptionally motivational in the area of achievement. Adrean genuinely wants everyone that she comes into contact with to be the best “them” that they can be.”

Paula Ogden Artwell


“f you want a personal invitation to be your best, you want Coach Adrean. She’s more than a success story or standard keynote storyteller – she’s talented in empowering others to visualize and achieve their version of success. What I admire most is her inclusive and warm approach. It doesn’t matter how similar or different you are from Adrean, she makes you feel important and is personally invested in your story. I’ve seen Adrean at work with nonprofit leaders and collegiate athletes alike and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her positive attitude to anyone “

Ashley Johnston

Program Officer, The Vanguard Group Foundation

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