Increase Performance with Gratitude!

by | Nov 19, 2018 | Blog

There are few phrases in the English language that match the power of these 2 words: THANK YOU!

In Side Tracked: “Why Our Decisions Get Derailed and How We Can Stick To The Plan”, Francesco Gino explores how emotions influence decisions.

Her findings are built on research that looked at 41 fundraisers, all on a fixed salary. Those who received an in person thank you expression of appreciation from their director for their hard work increased their fund raising calls by 50%  during the one week following that expression.

Those who did not receive a gratitude expression showed no change during the same time period for their fund raising efforts. By missing chances to express gratitude organizations and leaders lose relatively cost free opportunities to motivate.

How does that translate in your personal life? The power of the simple words thank you has the potential to change relationships. Have you thanked your spouse for being the breadwinner? Have you thanked your children for doing their chores? Have you thanked your co worker for assisting with the office project?

We often take for granted the very things that deserve our gratitude. Be mindful! It only takes a moment to say thank you but your thoughtfulness will be remembered to for a very long time.


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