How to Change Your Response to Worry

by | Jan 18, 2021 | Blog

Everyone worries at some point in time, but many successful people have come through worrisome adversities and come through ahead of the game.

Use the habits of non-worriers to worry less and do your best:

1️⃣Maintain perspective – Non-worriers are able to detach themselves from a worrisome situation so they can increase perspective on the matter. They think about what can happen and then evaluate it according to how likely it is to happen.

2️⃣Raise questions in their minds – When worry or negative thoughts begin to fill a non-worrier’s mind, he or she is able to ask pertinent questions such as, “Do I have control over the problem” and “Is it an imminent threat?” The answers to these questions and others can help to face the situation or put it out of their minds.

3️⃣They’re confident they can handle the problem – Non-worriers seem to have inherently more confidence than worriers that they’re able to face situations and cope with them. Worriers tend to be fearful that they won’t be able to handle a catastrophe and fear breaking down

4️⃣Non-worriers focus on the present moment –The ability to not get carried away by the possibility of future happenings is key to spurning worry. Worriers tend to project themselves into a future where turmoil is the only outcome.

5️⃣They take more chances – Worriers have a difficult time making decisions when their brains are filled with the possibilities of catastrophic outcomes. Non-worriers are more able to make an instant decision about a problem and then move on to something else.

Change your response to worry and you will change your life.

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