Give Yourself the Green Light for Success!

by | Jul 8, 2015 | Blog


One of the challenges of moving forward is predicated by our natural inclination to seek approval. Our rearing and professional experiences have taught us to request permission with decision making. Think back to when you were growing up. There was always someone “in charge”.  Whatever you wanted to do, you first had to ask. Likewise, most of assignments in the workplace are based on the directives of a manager or higher ranked business associate. But when it comes to pursuing your personal desires and dreams there’s only one person who can give you the “green light” to go ahead and that is you. Research proves employees who have an interest in personal growth are not only healthier, but contribute to the well being of an organization/business.

So what holds you back from giving yourself permission to achieve greater success? There are four common reasons individuals apply the brakes on fulfilling their dreams.

  • YOU NEED VALIDATION. It is comforting to have someone agree with your plans and goals but this is your dream. It has to start with you. A successful journey requires belief in oneself and confidence to perform. Once you’ve decided to step out build a team of support for encouragement.
  • YOU NEED TO KNOW IT’S THE RIGHT THING. It may or may not be the right thing to do at this time but allow yourself to try. In order to discover new lands, you must be willing to lose sight of the shore. If you succeed you’ll reap the reward. If you fail you’ll gain knowledge for the next attempt. Give yourself permission to go beyond self imposed limits.
  • YOU ARE AFRAID. Until your confidence is greater than your fears you will always sit idle at the red light. The best way to overcome fear is through action. Accelerate past the fear of doubt and failure to arrive at achievement. As Brene Brown expressed, “You can choose courage and you can choose comfort but you can’t have both”. Don’t allow the discomfort associated with change prevent you from moving forward.

  • YOU DON’T HAVE TIME. You will find time for the things that are a priority to you. This is a common complaint by many individuals. To find more time in your day realistically evaluate your daily activities. A recent coaching client was able to dedicate 6 hours a week to increase her productivity. Instead of spending time on social phone calls, watching tv, and surfing the internet she is able to successfully execute on her goals. Planning time in your schedule to increase opportunities for your growth is a necessity for career advancement and fulfillment.

In the book, “The Blessing of Adversity”, Barry C. Black, (a two star Navy admiral and Chaplin of the US Senate) provides an action plan to help with the pressure:

  • Remain independent of your circumstances
  • Expect pressure
  • Face challenges with courage
  • Claim your victory
  • Endure to the end
  • Maintain a proper perspective

Don’t get discouraged about what others might say, at first they’ll ask why you’re doing it but later they’ll ask how you did it. Give yourself the green light! MOVE FORWARD and accomplish your goals!

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