That same kind of trust is important to build solid relationships for business and career success. Trustworthy people are invaluable to organizations. They are influencers that consistently demonstrate a pattern of behavior that enhance their credibility.Take these action steps to increase your leadership abilities and capitalize on opportunities of advancement:
1. KEEP YOUR WORD! Reliability is a primary component of trust. Your promise should be as binding as a contract. Follow through on every commitment. Focus on exceeding expectations and building a reputation of accountability.
2. KEEP GOOD COMPANY! You are the sum of your interactions and experiences. Surround yourself with people of high integrity who are positive, energetic and results-oriented to inspire and guide you.
3. KEEP THE PEACE! Learn how to disagree without being disagreeable. Recognize the value in the opinion of others.
4. KEEP CONTROL! Manage your emotions when you are stressed or under pressure. Your emotional intelligence (EI) has a strong impact on how you are perceived and the way you respond in challenging situations. It’s not only what you bring to the table it’s how you serve it that matters.
5. KEEP THE VISION! Remember the overall goal. Gain credibility by helping others achieve their objectives.
6. KEEP IT HONEST! When you’re open and honest, others don’t have to guess your motivations or intentions. Admit when you are wrong. You’ll be respected for truthfulness and transparency.
7. KEEP RECORDS! Ask others to write a recommendation for you. Use their words to build your reputation and advance your agenda.
8. KEEP QUIET! Be a good listener. When people are speaking give them your full attention. It exemplifies respect and trust and enhances communication.
Gaining credibility and trustworthiness doesn’t happen overnight. Just KEEP GOING! Don’t be dismayed if at one time or another you let someone down. No one is perfect. But your history will speak loudly of your character if you’ve established a solid foundation. Demonstrate these trusting behaviors to support you in getting there faster.